Tricky Trays

Tricky Trays

My list of the things I strongly dislike about NJ is far too long, so instead, here are some of the things I DO like about my home state (besides friends and family):
Deli Bagels
Cheese Gravy Fries
24-hour Diners
Jersey shore/boardwalk (this is 50/50 for me – it was fun when I was young)
Having gas pumped for you (I never realized how nice of a break this is)

I’m very excited because there’s a Tricky Tray on Friday! Most people don’t know what tricky trays are, so I will try to adequately illustrate their awesomeness. It’s like a silent auction, but BETTER. There are usually about 200 “trays.” All the prizes are donated and new, so the tray could be anything from a mix of smelly lotions and bath soaps to a 32″ LCD HDTV. You buy tickets and you put them in each bag representing a tray. You could put hundreds in for one prize if you wanted. Then they pull the winning tickets one by one and OMG, I think I just wet my pants from excitement.

The best part … this one is at my old high school! Memories …

I haven’t been to a Tricky Tray in probably 10 years, nor have I been in my high school in even longer. I went to so many TTs over the years. My Catholic grammar school used them as a fundraiser each year. So they used to let the kids whose parents would be at the event that night go down early and look at all the trays and put their parents’ tickets in for what they wanted. That’s about the level of anticipation I have right now!

Any Jersey people want to join me Friday? So far, Hallmark4ever and her husband theGoodEgg are going with me, but maybe also theAccountant …

J, send your good luck my way!!!! I know you are jealous!

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  1. The Tricky Tray sounds like so much fun! Win BIG! Oh, and Cheesy Gravy Fries??? I think I'll go have a heart attack right now 🙂

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