The Sucky Tray

The Sucky Tray

I’m sorry to report an epic fail at the Tricky Tray.

It all started when we got kicked out in the first 5 minutes. Because of Hallmark4Ever’s 9-month old.

Me & GoodEgg4ever after a nice stroll at Horseshoe Lake, some old stomping grounds.

I specifically called and asked if babies were welcome. “Yes, of course. People bring their babies all the time,” was the response I got. From an idiot apparently.

“No one under the age of 18 years is allowed in here,” said the mean lady who clearly needed a hairbrush. We tried to assure her that the infant was not going to put tickets in the baskets or claim any prizes, but she wasn’t having it. First WTF moment. So GoodEgg, being the good egg he is, ducked out with baby in tow, leaving just Hallmark4Ever & I to collect the, uh, winnings.
Despite the bad start, I was feeling lucky. J sent good luck vibes through the phone so how could I fail? Then the calling started. Along with the losing. 200 trays later, and we might have been the biggest losers in there. We couldn’t even win a door prize (bottle of soda, which was just strange). The biotches around us, though, they won at least 17 prizes each. No exaggeration. They didn’t even look at their prizes. “Just add it to the towering pile,” they giggled. We were really tempted to swipe one on our way out. They wouldn’t have noticed and they were really pissing us off. Seriously, everyone around us was winning.

Some of the trays we did NOT win

We thought maybe our luck was being saved for the 50-50. You know, good things come to those who wait. But still nothing … Maybe if we brought our cowbells or clappers, we would have had more success.

Hallmark4ever & I exploring our alma mater after our unsuccessful Tricky Tray.

So I am left with a bad taste for the RHS Ice Hockey Spring Tricky Tray. I think I will boycott it in the future. J and I, though, have our sight set on the RHS Band Tricky Tray in the fall. J is just convinced he has all the luck. No doubt Hallmark4Ever and GoodEgg will leave the baby at home and join us for attempt #2. Plus ShortonCoffee and QuickQuestion, the veteran Tricky Trayers who always win, plan to show us how it’s done. Clearly we need help with the winning part.

All in all, the trip to NJ turned out to be a roller coaster of emotions, but I did have a lot of fun. I do want to publicly thank my awesome friends for making time to visit. I really couldn’t have gotten through the week without them! I didn’t have my camera with me, so I couldn’t document my outings. Which may be a good thing because I would have to come up with more nicknames and confuse my readers even more!

5 responses to “The Sucky Tray”

  1. Sara says:


  2. Kristen says:

    How funny! So sorry I missed all this! The RHS hallways and lockers look smaller than I remember. 🙂 Did you guys run into any other alumni?

  3. plavigne says:

    TheAccountant–Did you notice that the lockers are now separated and all painted the same color blue?? No more locker partners!!! And did you notice the strange artwork in the cafeteria??? Hallmark4Ever & I were commenting that the building hasn't changed much at all since we've been there, but the changes they did make were not really pleasing!!

    We didn't recognize anyone and were surprised! It did trigger a lot of memories though!

  4. Sara says:

    TheAccountant- we really did miss you! It would have been so much fun to have you there to lose with us!

  5. Kristen says:

    Oh yeah – no more locker partners! Too bad – I enjoyed sharing with Hallmark4ever :)! Weird about the artwork too! Wish I could have walked down memory lane with you guys!

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