Summer indeed

Summer indeed

The weather may not show it, but one thing that tells me it’s summer in New England … lobsters!!!

Last night, J & I got lobsters for dinner. We were out on our monthly shopping trip (food bill=$75, gotta love coupons), and had to stop at a different store for one food item. It’s the food store that normally has the cheap lobsters. And sure enough, they were $4.99/lb. I think this may be the only area J is willing to splurge in when it comes to food. So after a few more items in that store, our total food shopping bill came to $100. We have visitors this month, so I’m telling J we’ll have to go again in a few weeks, but he is convinced this will get us through July …

Another sign of summer … fresh fruits and veggies from our landlord’s garden. ShortShorts brought some freshly picked strawberries by this morning. Yummy!!!

2 responses to “Summer indeed”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How the f%#@ do you spend $100 on 1 entire month's supply of food?

  2. plavigne says:

    Hi, have you met my husband? We only ever buy groceries that are on sale. So if it's not on sale, it gets crossed off my list (unless I sneak it in the cart). And we used $25 in coupons!

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