J & P’s B&B

J & P’s B&B

After J’s mom left on Tuesday, more visitors came on Wednesday! Seriously, this is great practice for the B&B we hope to open someday …

TheHoss returned to NH for Jimmy Buffet take 2. There were many differences this year compared with last year.

For one, the Hoss brought his GF, Accessory. He also didn’t sleep through the whole concert. As for me, I did not puke and pass out while tailgating. It also wasn’t as hot as last year. Because, remember, we haven’t seen the sun pretty much this whole month. Although the rain ceased for the day, there were reprecussions. The lawn was m.u.d.d.y! Being one of the non-drunkards out of the group, it was quite amusing to watch as every other person ate it, especially when their newly purchased $9 Bud Light disappeared. There was this one, holy cow, even if he tried, he couldn’t pull the stunt he did. A faceplant, followed by a 100-yard dash and turn on his stomach.

The concert was really good, but again, the tailgating is where it’s at. Grilling out. Cornhole. Jello shots in syringes (we had this one woman seriously convinced that we got them from the HIV clinic). We do it right.

Tomorrow, we’re going to a Beerfest (just what the boys need. More drinking). Oh, and you’ll just never guess what we had for dinner???

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What does your pink shirt say???

  2. plavigne says:

    Party like a Southern Girl!!!!

    Cause, you know, I'm a Southern belle …

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