The bell tolls …

The bell tolls …

37 times at 8am and 19 times at noon. Anyone know the significance of that?

Back in May, J and I started hearing church bells. We put two and two together and realized they were coming from our Catholic Church across the street–the church where Eugene Levy is the pastor. How nice, we thought, they must have fixed their bell. Now 2 months later, we realize the bell-repair-person must have experienced a layoff, or maybe we missed a class in Catholic School.

The bells might just be possessed. We’ve been scratching our heads trying to figure out the bell patterns. The bell dongs at 8am 37 times. Yes, 37 times. That’s not even military time. That’s simply 37+ seconds of sleep that I miss out on. The bell also seems to dong around 19 times at noon. The dongs do not really follow a consistent pattern, so I always lose count. Just when I think it’s over, here comes another DONG.

The bells also play nice church songs, like Amazing Grace, but that’s random too. Then one time, we thought we might have heard a Pink Floyd at 6pm. This really can’t be right.

Maybe if I attended the Church of Eugene Levy in the past 2 months (I’ve been to church, people, just not that church), I could figure out the mystery. But until then … dong … dong … … … dong … dong … dong … … … … … … dong. You get my drift?

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