Now this is summer …

Now this is summer …

J & I just got back today from a 3-day kayak/camping trip to Squam Lake in NH with DogLovers and UncleSlickG. It was fantabulous!!!This is a trip we attempted to do last year, but were thundered/rained out. Surprisingly, not this year!! We only had rain Saturday night. When you have a good tent and rainfly, unlike DogLovers and UncleSlickG, rain at night is pretty awesome. Even better than rain on a tin roof …

Squam is the second biggest lake in NH. Although it seemed less populated by motor boats than Lake Winnepasaukee, it was a still busy, especially on Saturday when we were making the 2-mile paddle to our island to camp. J tried to warn me that this would be hard, especially with our kayaks loaded down with supplies for 3 days/2 nights. He wasn’t kidding. I felt like we were in the ocean with how choppy and windy it was. This was certainly not for the faint of heart, nor the beginner.

Before leaving Arriving at our island

The trip started out with a bang because UncleSlickG was a few hours behind us on the road. We thought we left him pretty good instructions about where to park and how to get to the island, but apparently no and no. After he was 3 hours late, J decided search and rescue was in order. Thankfully, it didn’t turn into a search and recovery. J found him wandering and lost about a mile from our island.

The only drawback were the skeeters. J ended up with 25 mosquito bites just on his back!!!On Sunday, J, UncleSlickG and I took a 9-mile paddle to explore a little more of the lake. We probably only hit 15%! We went in and out of coves, taking a peek to see where the rich bleed money. I’ve heard of 4-car-garages, but I have to say it was my first time seeing a 4-boat-garage.

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  1. Kellie says:

    That looks like such a fun trip!
    I wish we had more opportunities around here to do stuff like that, I would love to take up kayaking!

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