Camping/Hiking 101

Camping/Hiking 101

In addition to the tourist attractions, my sister’s visit to NH included a little of what J and I do regularly … camping and hiking.

I had taken my nephew Bones “camping” in his backyard once, but for everyone else, this was pretty much a first. Truth be told, J and I were more worried about the adults than the kids. Everyone survived, but QuickQuestion and Yankee would probably rather get a colonoscopy without anesthesia than go camping again. As for the kids, they gave it a thumbs up and we will be taking them again, sans parents.

Bones gathering kindling for the fire. Roasting mallowsEating mallows
Eating breakfast at camp

On Sunday, we did a local (easy) hike to a small waterfall and swimming hole. Again, the kids LOVED it, especially using the “hiking sticks.” I envision lots of outdoor adventures for these kids.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can take those kids outdoors anytime, but I guarantee that they will not tire out! How is next weekend for you (or the weekend that you are free???)!

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