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Archive for August, 2009

What’s that foul stench?

We generally smell a skunk here and there during the summer, but this week has been particularly bad. It was actually waking me from my deep slumber. So yesterday, ShortShorts more »

Crabfest, err, Meatfest

I think we need to rename our annual tradition of going down to the Chesapeake Bay area to meet up with J’s friends from the Prep. For one, the crabs more »

Guest blog for the birthday girl

Today is a very special day….. Not only is the first time I (J) have posted a blog note, but it is the birthday for the most wonderful person in more »

Whatever you do, take care of your shoes

Like we often do, J and I overestimated our energy and our ability to do everything we want in one spot. So Monday’s day of adventure turned out to be more »

Destination New York

Today we drove to New York for a concert. Like they did 40 years ago. But it wasn’t Woodstock. Not even close. We hit 2 more Vermont breweries on the more »

The Garden

More stories about ShortShorts, our infamous landlord, have been requested, so here’s one for you. Right now, he (in his short shorts) is out in the yard (which my office more »

Vera Bradley Bridesmaid Contest

Just call me selfish and greedy. I read about this Vera Bradley Most Remarkable Bridesmaid Dress (For Better or For Worse!) and I just had to enter. The contest runs more »

Jam-packed weekend

Hallmark4Ever & GoodEgg left the babe at home for a quick jaunt to NH. Friday night: cocktails and lobster. They were technically lobster virgins, so the thought of watching the more »

Before and After

J really pushed our limits this time with the food shopping thing. If it weren’t for our garden, oh I mean our landlord’s garden, we would have been living on more »

Bell mystery solved

I’ve talked about the bells on the church across the street from us and how they were driving us batty. Well, we went to Mass on Sunday and got some more »

Like we need more toys …

Some people say Christmas is their favorite day of the year. Others say birthdays. Our favorite days come when there’s an REI garage sale. Training is intense and takes place more »