Destination New York

Destination New York

Today we drove to New York for a concert. Like they did 40 years ago. But it wasn’t Woodstock. Not even close.

We hit 2 more Vermont breweries on the way. Maple Leaf Malt & Brewing Co. in Wilmington and Madison Brewing Co. in Bennington. Met a man who just opened a bakery, so we supported the local businessman.
After full bellies of beer and Italian pastries, J spent the night at a concert and I’m relaxing in the free hotel (I’ve hit my quota for hippie shows). Tomorrow, we have a 14-mile hike to look forward to. Guess who’s going to be leading the pack out of the two of us?? The best part was when I asked J to look at the map for something and he was looking at the New Mexico page instead of the New York page.

Side props to J for the work he did in his town Saturday. He brought in T-Bone, a family performer for the day, then showed Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D. Both were a hit! He’s the man!!

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  1. Sara says:

    Cool! Is T-Bone Rob's favorite fire cracker lighter?

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