Crabfest, err, Meatfest

Crabfest, err, Meatfest

I think we need to rename our annual tradition of going down to the Chesapeake Bay area to meet up with J’s friends from the Prep. For one,
the crabs were missing this year. Well, they weren’t missing, but we just didn’t bother to go crabbing. Funny thing, out of the 20+ people who come to Crabfest, few actually like crabs. But, to make up for the lack of crabs, there was lots of meat. To eat and to look at … just look at all that sexy meat below …
Because of Hurricane Bill, Crabfest ended up getting a little washed out. J and I spent the majority of my birfday delayed in the Manchester airport Friday. Don’t feel too bad. I actually thought it was quite fun commiserating with other travelers. And it truly wasn’t the airline’s fault. In fact, Southwest was pretty impressive with their customer service through the whole mess.With the decent weather early Saturday, we were able to play around on the wave runners.But it poured the rest of Saturday. And for some strange reason, the party moved to DogLovers’ camper. Despite weather setbacks and no crabs, we still enjoyed seeing everyone at Crabfest. It’s amazing how every year, the Crabfest family grows and grows!

2 responses to “Crabfest, err, Meatfest”

  1. Creegs says:

    That dude next to the waverunner is fat! Oh wait, that's me!

    Great seeing you guys! Always seems too quick!

  2. Shayna says:

    Seeee, you ARE starting to like Southwest more and more!

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