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Archive for September, 2009

Meet me on Bog Road

When J and I bought our bikes at the REI Garage Sale in August, I have to admit, I really thought they’d just collect pollen. J intended to commute to more »

Welcome fall

J & I spent Saturday exploring Mt. Greylock State Reservation in Mass, which happens to be the location of the highest point in Massachusetts. You can drive up to the more »

Boats, Booze & Block Party

J and I spent the weekend at his dad’s on the coast of Mass. His Grandma and Aunt TravelWhore (she picked the name, I swear!!!) were visiting, so it was more »

On school bus stops

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve updated this post with different pictures … I ran by many schoolchildren waiting for the bus this morning and it brought back painful memories. You more »

Girl time

J may not have had a good weekend, but I sure did! Shadow, my friend from college, lives in a beautiful area of NY. Lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation. more »

Thumbs, gums

J’s thumbs have been replaced. Except they put his left thumb on the right. Anyways, he is in pain and drugged up. I’m such a wonderful wife that I am more »

The Telephone Game

I had a conversation with my mom the other day and for 15 whole minutes, we both were talking about different things and didn’t know it. Mind you, my mom more »

Anyone want a house in Danville?

Our trip to Danville this weekend was met with mixed emotions. It usually is. We own a house there. I’ve blogged about it once, twice or 15 times. It’s either more »

Baxter State Park

J & I returned from our trip to Baxter State Park in Maine and I feel like this could spread across multiple posts with all we did!For the ADHD type, more »