Anyone want a house in Danville?

Anyone want a house in Danville?

Our trip to Danville this weekend was met with mixed emotions. It usually is. We own a house there. I’ve blogged about it once, twice or 15 times. It’s either the biggest thorn in our side or the greatest idea we ever came up with. We can’t decide yet.

The house is part of our “retirement plan.” We bought it with big ambitions. Then we half-finished it, moved, unsuccessfully tried to sell/rent it out, got robbed a number of times … so you see our dilemma. It’s just there. Sitting empty. Waiting for the perfect renter. Or any renter for that matter.

I hate to be so negative, because, like I said, we haven’t fully determined how the house changed our lives. Time will tell. In the meantime, it brings us back to Danville time and time again. Thank goodness we have good friends there! We spent lots of time with the Wolf, the Falcon, Moonshine, the Posse, the Is/Was family and many others. We accomplished a lot at the house and even got to do some rock climbing! So I can’t complain that much …

3 responses to “Anyone want a house in Danville?”

  1. Creegs says:

    the hot tub is awesome! haha

  2. plavigne says:

    Oh, the hot tub still works and IS awesome. Believe me!

    Beef, your buddy was asking about you. Something about wanting to take a ride …

  3. Creegs says:

    I'm down for a ride. Where we going? I need some gatorade!

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