The Telephone Game

The Telephone Game

I had a conversation with my mom the other day and for 15 whole minutes, we both were talking about different things and didn’t know it.

Mind you, my mom was driving and talking on her cell phone. My sister can appreciate this, but when my mom is driving and talking on her cell phone, she also has her CDs playing at decibel 90. So the conversation generally goes something like this … “Hello honey … I’M ALL SHOOK UP … I’m driving right now … MM MM OH … How are you? … YEAH YEAH”

Anyways, I told my mom that J was getting GUM surgery on Friday. We both were told we have receding GUMS and need the surgery, but apparently it’s pretty routine and as horrible as it sounds, they say with the latest technology it’s quick and painless. Regardless, I’m letting J get the surgery first to see how it goes because we all know my track record with elective surgeries.

She was not reacting well to the news of the surgery.

“But why? … MY HANDS ARE SHAKY AND MY KNEES ARE WEAK … I just don’t understand and I’ve never heard of that surgery before … I CAN’T SEEM TO STAND ON MY OWN TWO FEET … Have you talked to other people who got this surgery done?”

I’m all, “Mom, no worries. I swear it’s not a big deal and insurance covers it, yada, yada yada.”

The ah-ha moment came when she asked, “Is it because of all the rock climbing you guys do? Is that why you need your THUMBS replaced?”

3 responses to “The Telephone Game”

  1. Shayna says:

    HAHAHA! LOL!!! My insurance covered my thumb-replacement surgery, didn't I tell you that?

  2. Sara says:

    holy crap that's good stuff!

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