Girl time

Girl time

J may not have had a good weekend, but I sure did! Shadow, my friend from college, lives in a beautiful area of NY. Lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Too bad she and the outdoors are barely acquaintances.

We of course had our share of girl talk and girl time and laughs (she tells the funniest stories), but we also hung out with some of her friends and her blah-blah-blah on Saturday. For most of us, that would be her BOYFRIEND. But he’s not into labels. So we’ll just call him her blah-blah-blah to keep him satisfied.

On, Saturday night we went to a cool place called The Castle where we played laser tag, mini golf and go karts. Shadow’s friends are in a band called Downfire. I have to admit, it was a little funny to me to go mini-golfing with these heavy metal rockers. I mean, can you picture Metallic mini-golfing?? But, put those stereotypes aside and all you have are normal guys who like to have some fun on a Saturday evening.

Crazy side note. I saw a freakin baby black cub running across the road when I was driving home this evening in NH. I thought for a minute, boy that’s a large cat.

3 responses to “Girl time”

  1. Anonymous says: are sneaky…guess what I found laying around? Yup, a $10 bill. Oh, I WILL remember this! 🙂

  2. plavigne says:

    Oh, you know what that was for;) The late-night porn you wanted to rent!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh…right!!! I forgot! 😉

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