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A spooky tale for Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Most of you know our spooky, true-life ghost stories, but I figured today was a good time to recount them! J and I bought our Virginia house more »

Don’t argue with the ref

As the temps start dropping, J and I switch into “winter” mode. That means the start of indoor soccer and dancing. Tonight was our first soccer game. We won! But more »

What a Long Strange trip it was……..

Try to contain your excitement. Here is J’s guest blog entry about his trip out West (without me) a few weeks ago. I am still NOT happy about all the more »

Send me a text!

It was inevitable. J & I caved and upgraded our cell phone plans to include texting. It’s just that it seems most of our friends have forgotten how to pick more »

Good luck, my friend

Today is a sad day at work. Today is BFFcoworker’s last day. We have worked together for 6 years 7 months. I’d say side-by-side, but that’s not entirely true since more »

Three soups for me!

With J gone this week, I had big plans for … soup. He’s not a big fan of soup (unless you consider Ramen soup), so it was my opportunity to more »

Sayonara SallieMae!

I did something I never thought I’d do last month. Nooooo, I didn’t apply to work in a daycare so I could spend more time around kids. But I did more »

Everything is bigger in Texas

I’m back from my work trip to San Antonio. And I’m alone. J is away on a pleasure/work trip for the whole week. Which means by the time we see more »

Coincidence, or all part of the master plan?

So for the second year in a row, one of J’s friends had a baby on his birthday. That’s right, folks, 2009 produced another protégé. Last year, it was theBuddha’s more »

33 Things I love about J

J may have chosen to “roast” me on my birthday, but I would like to toast him. In honor of his 33rd birthday, here are 33 things I love about more »

Miles and miles of country road riding

J and I took a nice 18-mile bike ride Sunday. J had an event on Saturday, so we (since I AM volunteer of the year) were tied up the entire more »

Not going to Florida

Remember my post at the beginning of August about the silly Vera Bradley contest? Yeah, I didn’t win. BUT, I ended up with 2,383 votes! So thanks to everyone who more »