Not going to Florida

Not going to Florida

Remember my post at the beginning of August about the silly Vera Bradley contest? Yeah, I didn’t win. BUT, I ended up with 2,383 votes! So thanks to everyone who voted once or It was fun to “compete.” I was always around the 16th-19th place. So I ended up #16 out of 240-something entries. Not too shabby. I think I’m going to actually miss voting. NOT.

The first place winner had 50,000+ votes! I was certainly never going to reach that many. Plus, that person had an ailing son and really deserved a free vacation. So I wouldn’t have even wanted to beat her!

Anyways, ’tis over. Thanks for playing along with me!

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  1. Shayna says:

    I WILL miss voting…it became part of my routine this past month.

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