Coincidence, or all part of the master plan?

Coincidence, or all part of the master plan?

So for the second year in a row, one of J’s friends had a baby on his birthday. That’s right, folks, 2009 produced another protégé. Last year, it was theBuddha’s child. This year, it is PanicMan and theMakeupArtist’s little girl.

Next year, we are betting on either theHoss or SILmeow. Takers? Not to mention, theCoach’s first born shares our anniversary (Oct. 28). We are just popular people, what can I say? And I hate to state the obvious, but October is a popular birth month because it means the baby-making took place around Valentine’s Day. You know, cold winter months when love is in the bedroom. So whip out your satin sheets, turn on Barry Manilow and start practicing! Gotta keep up the trend!!

BTW, I’m in San Antonio for work. More on that later.

3 responses to “Coincidence, or all part of the master plan?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does SILMEOW know about this?? Wonder what her plans for Valentine's Day might be. Not that I "really" want to know…

  2. tommy's mommy says:

    Sorry, you're a little off with the birth month thing:) October babies are conceived more around New Years or the cold snow days of January. Pregnancy is 40 weeks/10 months, although they start the clock at the first day of your last "." So technically, at your supposed due date the baby is 38 weeks (9 1/2 months) old. A Valentine's baby would be born in November. Make sense?

  3. plavigne says:

    oops! I did the quick math and knew it was somewhere around that time … well, that's why I'm a writer and don't work with numbers!! Thanks for correcting me!

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