A spooky tale for Halloween

A spooky tale for Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

Most of you know our spooky, true-life ghost stories, but I figured today was a good time to recount them!

J and I bought our Virginia house in July 2005. It was in shambles and we couldn’t move in for months. The first project was to fix the roof, since it was raining inside the house. I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen.

The roof job was completed the evening before we were flying to Arizona. I badly wanted to take a picture of the progress, but it was dusk and using the flash did not capture the picture. So I went flashless, which is much like going topless, but fuzzier.

Anyways, I snapped the shot, uploaded the photos to Snapfish and we flew out the next morning.

In Arizona, we were so excited to show some pictures of our first home!!!!!

What did every person say when they saw my no-flash roof photo (see above)? Who’s that standing in your window?

Like I said, we weren’t living in the house yet. No one was. Someone clearly was though. Actually, we see 2 people in the photo. Granted it’s not the highest quality photo, but most people saw the same thing.

When we moved in months later, it was confirmed we had ghosts. The cat would freak out staring at the corner of the room. We heard random screaming. The oven timer would beep on its own. The doorbell would also ring on its own. Doors closed without wind or manpower.

After talking to a “ghost expert,” that person told us the ghosts are always there in old houses (ours was built in the 1880s). The only reason they are acting up is because the house sat empty for 2 years and here we come in and shake things up. To clear the air, so to speak, all we had to do was make a speech about how we don’t mean any harm in the renovations and we only want to live in peace.

We made our speech and never heard a peep again. Until the day J found out he got the job in NH and we would be moving out. There’s a longer story to it, but basically, they knocked a picture off the wall that had our name on it. We took that as a sign that they were sad we were leaving.

Believe if you will … we do.

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