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Fernando hit 100,000 miles!

My car Fernando (or Isabella as J calls HIM) has been around the block once, twice, 14 million times. And here is his memoir.I bought Fernando in January 2002 brand more »

Thanksgiving feast

Watch as ShortonCoffee performs some magic. Now you see the food. Now you don’t. So now she weighs 98 lbs, instead of the previous 95. And she had 6 cups more »

To the Cuse we went

In keeping with J’s motto—will travel anywhere for a concert—J and I continued from Mohegan Sun to Syracuse, NY, for a Phish show. Cause, you know, we were already on more »

Wastin’ Away in Margaritaville

While we’re experiencing a real Indian summer here in NH (of course the 50-degree temps will probably come to an end very soon), it was only fitting that we saw more »

Gobble, Gobble, Croak

Disclaimer: Do NOT read this post if you are squeamish or if you love animals. I am not a vegetarian. I love me some beef. I also try to live more »

How to not spend any money in a casino

Step 1: Use casino-provided vouchers on your first bet. Place $10 down on #10 for the big wheel spin. Win $100. Step 2: Using your second casino-provided voucher, place $10 more »

Can I make a suggestion?

I came across this study from and thought I’d share. They always have the funniest polls and I cover a lot of them for a publication I write about more »

REI scores

There was another REI garage sale on Saturday, so we had to go, we just had to. Even though it was 27 degrees when we got on line at 7:30 more »

Whose Got My Extra????

So those are the words I hear all the time when I (J) attend Phish or Grateful Dead concerts. In case you didn’t know by now, I’m a big fan more »

Shake what your momma gave you

We had our first dance class last night. The dance studio said they missed us during the summer, but mostly they just missed our awesome costumes for the monthly costume more »

NJ in a nutshell

I wasn’t sure if my camera would work, so I only took limited photos. I will try my best to keep you entertained as I recap our trip to NJ! more »