Can I make a suggestion?

Can I make a suggestion?

I came across this study from and thought I’d share. They always have the funniest polls and I cover a lot of them for a publication I write about corporate health and productivity.

In this day and age when jobs are hard to come by, you would think the employer has the upper hand. What? We’re not getting health coverage in 2010? Oh that’s okay. Here’s an awkward high five and thank you for letting me keep my job.

Anyways, this report proves that employees think there’s no harm in making requests for …

  • beer in the vending machine
  • jail time be covered under family medical leave
  • bikini Fridays (I do this all the time already)
  • a special smoking area for medical marijuana
  • replace desks with a futon so employees could lay down and work (I have a futon in my office!!! I can lay down and work!)

Right now, my biggest request of my company is that they close between Dec. 25 and Jan. 1. They have in past years and this year, it doesn’t look like it will happen. I can use PTO of course, but I’m just going to whine about having to “waste” it. I just can’t work that week. Nothing in health care happens. I can write about how yummy holiday foods make you gain some lbs, but that takes all the fun out of this time of year.

Anyways, in November, the month of gratitude, I have to remind myself I am grateful to have A job. It may have dropped on my “love it” scale, but I am appreciative. Now if they would just listen to the employee requests …

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  1. Gerald Witt says:

    Our insurance premiums went up with the switch to BCBS from Cigna.

    And we now have deductibles where we didn't, and on, and on.

    Thanks for letting me still have a job …

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