O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree

When J and I moved to NH, we donated our fake tree—the one I bought when I was single in 2001—to his senior center. Because we were in NH and married, so we should get a real tree!

So that first year, we set out to go buy one, but ShortShorts stopped us. He said they cost too much! At that time, we didn’t know he was the tree-cutting expert, but he offered to cut us one for FREE. You know how we like free. The tree ended up being a little bit Charlie Brownish—even our friends made fun of it—but it did just fine.
In 2008, I was down in the dumps and we were tight with money, so we settled for a Christmas branch. It was splendid.This year, we will be spending a great deal of time in our favorite state (cough, cough) of NJ, so we thought about not even bothering with a real tree. We could definitely find a branch again in the backyard … But, we just couldn’t resist. There’s a cute Christmas Tree farm close to our house and we found our perfect tree for just $25. Well worth every penny.

How pretty after our first snowfall!

J & I still have debates about the ornaments. He is a little bit of a pack rat when it comes to the ornaments, especially since both his Mom and Dad gave him all of his ornaments from his youth and it seems he owns 100s. I guess I can’t complain, my mom has yet to pass on my stash …

So I present to you, our 2009 tree in all its glory.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh…I see Kermit's head front and center! Nice! I can't believe you still have that ornament!

  2. Creegs says:

    Was there smoke coming off the tree too? I don't understand the coughing when talking about NJ, considering who's going to be there! ME!

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