Old McDonald had a …

Old McDonald had a …

I almost forgot to tell you, Internets, about the special town meeting J’s town had on Saturday. No worries. It was not an attempt to vote out the recreation department. We save that for March, you know, when I start shaking in my Uggs*.*Actually, I don’t own Uggs. I owe the knockoff brand Ulu.

Anyways, this meeting was about a farm.

J did not attend. He was too busy making gingerbread houses with all the kiddies in town. But I did. Not because I love farms (but I do, I think), but because his town hired me to take the minutes of the meeting (again). I’m blogging about this because, once again, I find J’s town kind of amazing and oh-so-desirable to live in (why don’t we live there again? Oh, that’s right, it costs more limbs than we are willing to sacrifice to live there).

The town was voting whether or not to contribute $360,000 to preserve a dairy farm in town. Not that the farm was going anywhere. But the owners wanted some help maintaining it. There are several farms in town in fact; three of them are dairy. The farms mean open space and no commercial development. J’s town is all mom-and-pop (okay, except for the Sunoco station). One quarter of the land is UNdeveloped. We call that gorgeous around these parts. I’m really not sure what makes this farm so special that they get to be subsidized (remember, I do not do politics), but the town voted and long live the farm! There was a record turnout in voters and it was a landslide. Man these people love their open space and conservation. That’s NH for ya!

Fingers crossed that J’s budget gets the same kind of support come March. I mean, come on, he gave up his Saturday morning to build gingerbread houses with kids last Saturday and will be serving Breakfast with Santa this Saturday. And J big puffy hearts sleeping in, so it’s a sacrifice for him.

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  1. Shayna says:

    At least that is an intact gingerbread. The one Lizzie and I did is a gingerbread pile of rubble decorated w/ icing and candy (she dropped the boxed kit before we even started, breaking all the gingerbread pieces).

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