Ho Ho Who?

Ho Ho Who?

December is a busy month for recreation. Tonight, J is judging houses for the Holiday Lights Contest and tomorrow, he is holding his Santa Calling program.

Santa Calling is a program Danville did and it was so great, J introduced it here. Parents fill out forms about their kids—ages, what they want (and are getting) for Christmas from Santa and any special messages. My job as Mrs. Claus is to call and confirm some things, such as the pronunciation of the kid’s name or if the kid really is getting a BMW 750Li Sedan from Santa or just the remote-controlled model.

Some pretty funny stuff comes out of Santa Calling.

The most humor usually comes from the “special messages” that parents request, like clean your room or do your homework. This year, a parent requested that Santa commend the 6-year-old child for being vegan because it’s a really good choice. A few years back in Danville, Santa, played by J, had to tell a child that daddy was looking down at him from heaven and was very proud of him. I never realized the connections Santa had …

But the best Santa Calling story happened in Danville when we were calling Shakaria. I confirmed the pronunciation (exactly how it’s spelled) and passed the phone to J.

“Is it snowing in Danville because it’s snowing up here in the North Pole,” J says, interjecting a hearty ho ho ho here and there. “And have you been a good little boy Shakaria?”

Then there was silence. And little Shak says with all the attitude in the world, “Santa, I’m a girl!”

“Of course you are,” J says, “ho ho ho, I knew that!” Shak quickly forgives Santa once he tells her he’ll be bringing her a book about baseball (SHE wanted that).

He gets off the phone and says, what gives Mrs. Claus??? We look at the form more closely and realize for sex, the parent filled in “B,” which I assumed was B for boy. Apparently, it was “B” for black?


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  1. Creegs says:

    that is hilarious! I would like a Santa call please…tonight! Make it happen, Mrs. Claus!!!

  2. Creegs says:


    A company charges people to do "Santa Calling…" Think about how much money you could make!!!

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