Well, that was disappointing

Well, that was disappointing

Lost is driving me bonkers. It’s one of the few TV shows I’ve stayed loyal to through its 5+ years of airtime. And we have a love-hate relationship. At first, I wasn’t certain I liked it, but J did and I watched on. Then I was truly addicted. I remember episodes when I was hanging off the couch in anticipation of what would happen next. But last season, I got very frustrated. Not only did they split the season up so we had to wait 6 months in between episodes, they introduced several new characters and made my head hurt with all the things to keep track of. The new season started last night and I tried to go into it with an open mind. But I was very disappointed. Anyone else? I’ll stand by them until the end, but I can’t wait for this madness to be over!!! Only 15 more episodes.

If you don’t watch, be glad you never started!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Of course, as your shadow, I'm with you. I watched it with my mom and when it was over I looked at her and said, "That made my head hurt." I want ANSWERS!!! Don't confuse us or introduce new people when it's the SERIES finale!!! Ugh! I'm sticking it out too!

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