The Movie Theater

The Movie Theater

As I’ve mentioned before, J & I don’t frequent the movie theater. But we made plans to go Saturday and see Avatar in the IMAX theater. We figured that it may be a likely Oscar winner, which means we have to watch it eventually to complete our goal of watching all the Best Pictures, and it’d be better to see it on the big screen and as an IMAX flick.

What happened to the movie theater? When did it ever get so crowded? We got there about an hour before, not purposely. Yet, the movie was already sold out! The pubescent cashier said in an all-knowing voice, “well everyone buys their tickets online these days.” Wow, I didn’t get that memo. And what the heck? Hasn’t Avatar been in the theater for months now?

So, we didn’t get to see Avatar. It will be showing at the IMAX theater until March, so we’ll be going back and we learned our lesson. We will buy our tickets online …

We did see Shutter Island. Which is a really good psychological thriller that has you wondering until the end. I had dreams all night about it and even woke up around 3ish to ask J a question. I need to see it again!

3 responses to “The Movie Theater”

  1. We just saw shutter island tonight! Definitely a brain twister! I need to see a brain-LESS chick flick next time. 🙂

  2. Shayna says:

    I hate psychological thrillers! I don't want to think when I'm watching anything. I had to buy my tics online when we saw the Victoria movie a few weeks ago…almost the exact same scenario as you guys had.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I made Jay go see Avatar by himself because I am afraid of the freaky smurfs.

    Shutter Island looks too scary for me…

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