Training the Mister – EDITED

Training the Mister – EDITED

J is ever so proud of Mr. McKinley and has a new goal in mind. He wants to train him to use the toilet to throw up.

You see, cleaning up the throw up—much like cleaning the litter box—is just about the only source of tension in our house. It’s part of the reason we have a B*% A#@ litter box, so that I only have to scoop the poop once or twice a week. But throw up is another story. It’s fair game and duties are shared.

Last night, McKinley successfully made it to the toilet in time to throw up, instead of leaving his mess on the floor for us to bicker over. Next time, we will try to get a picture. Some would call it animal cruelty, but not us. Anything not to clean up the throw up.

Just look at him, he is holding his head up high and so proud.
POST EDIT***I’m realizing how misleading this post sounds. J assisted McKinley in the process. McKinley tends to heave a bit before actually up-chucking. So J led him to the toilet and hoisted him on it. Sorry for the confusion, but fingers crossed that he eventually gets there.

3 responses to “Training the Mister – EDITED”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Please, please, PLEASE tell me if you have success with this. Cat puke is worse than freaky Avatar smurfs.

  2. Creegs says:

    Hahaha! I used to pick up Kane's cat when she started the heaving and run her to the toilet, but didn't know they could be trained to do it! That's brilliant!

  3. Shayna says:

    How cool is this! Go, McKinley, keep puking in the toilet! I always liked McKinley because' he's more like a dog than a cat (actually trainable).

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