Baking up a storm

Baking up a storm

I volunteered to make a variety of desserts for a fundraiser my woman’s club is having tonight, so I’ve been knee deep in chocolate (just about my favorite thing) all week. I was happy with the finished products–snowballs (sugar balls with chocolate inside), chocolate crinkle cookies and black bottom cupcakes. I was even prouder when I dropped them off today and the woman said, “Oh, I need to get your catering business card!”

4 responses to “Baking up a storm”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Looking good, how very domestic of you!! Black bottom cupcakes are one of my absolute faves!

    PS – Which recipe has the beer in it? Or was that just to get through all the baking?

  2. leanne Fosbre says:

    e-mail me a cookie, please. Or at least let me have a sniff of baking chocolate. Yumm!!

  3. Shayna says:

    Geez, you're better at making desserts than I am! I better just give up on cooking and baking altogether!

  4. plavigne says:

    Jen, the beer was J's!!! He needed a cold one from all the hard work he did … hahaha

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