March Madness

March Madness

And I’m not talking about basketball …

We bid Alaska3 goodbye as she wrapped up her Spring Break with the trip to Burlington, 3 snowboarding adventures, St. Patty’s feasting and overall cousin-to-cousin bonding. We absolutely loved hosting her and we hope our future is full of hosting college students, whether it be exchange students or your kids (we already have big plans for Bones and Curly Locks on their future spring breaks).

With all the March madness, I forgot to even mention Town Meeting, the infamous meeting in J’s town that determines budget approval. It was last Saturday and thankfully, J’s budget discussion only lasted for all of 10 minutes passing with a voice vote (his often comes to a ballot or standing vote). But the other issues, those were something.

I again signed on to take the minutes of the meeting. Normally, the meeting goes until about 12. This time, we went until 5 pm!!! There was a loaded agenda this time—pay-as-you-throw, funding a community well for a small section of town where there’s been contamination, selling another historic building to God knows who and giving town employees cost-of-living increases (because they voted it down last year). Holy canoli I seriously felt like I was at legislative session on health care reform (which, oddly enough, may make a historic vote this weekend). There were times I considered chewing on some tin foil to get out my frustration during the meeting. It’s just that people LOVE to hear themselves talk and express their opinion. To make matters worse, the votes were so close. So the moderator had to call for a standing vote for every other article. God bless those counters. You’d be amazed to see how many people actually sat through the WHOLE meeting (no lunch break). That’s true democracy for you.

Anyways, we are back to a semi-normal schedule. Carry on.

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  1. Gerald Witt says:

    I remember covering local government.

    If the politicians are the locomotive and the people are the train cars, then it's the stenographers, admins and clerks that are the grease keeping the whole thing from flying off the rails.

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