Just a tease …

Just a tease …

Well, it looks like our days of illegal cable are coming to an end. Lately, channels have just been disappearing and yesterday, J noticed ESPN was gone. ESPN is pretty much the only reason we entertained the thought of cable. I don’t know if our issues have something to do with the digital converter box, but I’ll venture to say that if that’s the case, we’ll go cable-less again. It was a good run … Plus, summer is coming. But, we’ll still check this weekend with our cable provider (ShortShorts) and see what gives.

We did enjoy a bit of “free” yesterday when Boloco had a free burrito day! This burrito place has grown on me. It’s no Baja Fresh, but it’s our only option. And I’ll take it, especially when they offer FREE burritos.

3 responses to “Just a tease …”

  1. bdonin says:

    One less String Cheese Incident show will buy cable for one year!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Since you are the BIG man at JP Morgan, could you get me that String Cheese Incident Ticket. So we can have cable…..

  3. plavigne says:

    I thought SCI was no longer together? All these bands that break up, get back together–it just drives me bonkers. We would probably be millionaires if J skipped all the Phish, Dead, Dark Star, Wilco, Telluride, FGH … shows, but then he wouldn't be a happy man. Happy husband=happy wife. Plus, cable is evil! We keep contemplating getting rid of TV altogether the next place we live … I don't think we could do it.

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