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When life hands you lemons …

J & I love to be inspired. We are the type of people who are really affected by movies and motivational speakers. So it’s no wonder that we were moved more »

Biking season begins

When we have nice temps in NH in April, we take advantage of it. You just never know what you are going to get in this state! Last weekend, it more »

PR, not so much

I can tell you how I know I am getting older. J and I ran a 5K tonight. My time was a little over 29 minutes. This is my new more »

Earth Day

As I sit here, on Earth Day, recycling my work papers, I am pondering an important question. First let me admit that I cannot kick the habit of printing out more »


J woke from his slumber finally and filled me in on all the details of the bachelor party in Vegas and I thought you would all like to know and more »

Oh how we love the Leaf

I’m not talking about Earth Day (which is next week). We went to another Carbon Leaf concert last night. I’m now up to 4; I think I will officially be more »

At first I was afraid, I was petrified

USING YEAST TO MAKE DOUGH … A few months back, I was talking to RedJeepTrvlr about her irrational fear of yeast. Then I realized, I think I am scared too. more »

Say hello to my little friend (insert accent)

More movie reviews

I have more reviews of the Oscar winners! Go here for 1981-present (although, we have yet to see this year’s winner, The Hurt Locker). Of the 82 award-winning movies, we more »

Hoppy Easter

My rents (Short on Coffee and Big on Lotto) have come and gone. It was a truly gratifying visit. My family has had a tumultuous last 2 years, so visits more »

Just call me Pele …

Besides our co-ed soccer team, I sub sometimes for a woman’s team on Wednesdays. Last night, I played in one of their games. I scored. J was watching from the more »