Just call me Pele …

Just call me Pele …

Besides our co-ed soccer team, I sub sometimes for a woman’s team on Wednesdays. Last night, I played in one of their games. I scored. J was watching from the sidelines yesterday and he was so proud of me. He said they passed the ball to me on the wing, I stopped it, looked and shot it right up past the goalie.

If you think I am making a big deal out of this, I am. This is huge people. And this is no April Fool’s joke. I do not score. I play defense better. In fact, in my 2.5 years of playing soccer, I’ve only scored 2 other times and they were flukes, you know, right place, right time. My mom could have scored those shots.

Speaking of my mom, BOTH my parental units are due to arrive for a visit today! I can hardly believe it and J is still 68% that they will show up. You see, this has been a long time coming. Many failed attempts to come for a visit. But it is happening this weekend. Not much planned for their time here, unless you count the 19 restaurants we will visit. Dinner at 4:30 every night!

3 responses to “Just call me Pele …”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pele…. are you going to score tonight??

  2. plavigne says:

    Doubtful … but you never know!

  3. Rico says:

    get a hot tub! People score in that all the time. Extra bubbles please!!!

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