Earth Day

Earth Day

As I sit here, on Earth Day, recycling my work papers, I am pondering an important question.

First let me admit that I cannot kick the habit of printing out all the work-related journal articles and reports to read and underline. I am just not an online reader. I never want an iPad or Kindle (unless I get it for FREE of course). Anyways, I do print on both sides of the paper and recycle, and that makes me feel better.

So onto my question. I always remove the staples before recycling the papers. I don’t have a staple remover, so I usually use my teeth and fingernails (ouch is right). Does anyone know if I have to remove the staples? Please tell me I am doing good for the environment and recycling centers by removing the staples? Any recycling experts out there?

3 responses to “Earth Day”

  1. Shayna says:

    I know J is cheap (like my family), but can't you buy a staple remover? No wonder you always have teeth and nail problems! 🙂

  2. Good Lord, woman! I am sending you a stapler remover!!

  3. plavigne says:

    Enough about the stupid staple remover … I don't even want one! My fingernails and teeth work just as well and I don't need more "stuff." No one is answering my question!!

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