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North to Alaska

I think everyone knows that J loves Alaska. It’s in his top 3 (Me, Music & Alaska-in no particular order of course!). Part of the reason he married me was more »

In the running for best wedding (for someone else) ever, definitely most memorable

So the Hindu wedding this past weekend. OMG. So so awesome. I was holding off on my blog post because I was hoping to get some video up, but my more »

I’m making up for the loss

I know, twice in one day, even one hour! But since I don’t have FB or Twitter, I had to share … if you want to lose some serious productivity, more »


I checked the Life Less Ordinary blog the other day to see if that chick updated it and what a slacker, she hasn’t! After getting a harsh reprimand about the more »

Don’t mind me

How the WINDY city got its name

Chicago was windy and chilly. J asked me the expected temps before we left and I told him it would be 50s/60s at best, to which he wrongly assumed was more »

CT High Point

On our way home Sunday, J & I hiked to the highest point in CT, which is on the way up Mt. Frissell (in Mass) at a whopping 2,380 feet.This more »

Take this bread …

Bones is growing up fast. I guess kids do that. He made his Communion this weekend! Made us all so proud. Bones is getting old and smart. He said to more »