I checked the Life Less Ordinary blog the other day to see if that chick updated it and what a slacker, she hasn’t! After getting a harsh reprimand about the issue from her husband last night, she decided it was time.

So what’s been going on guys? Last weekend was busy with J’s work events (including an evening where his car died in the middle of a soccer field at 10 pm).

Then Sunday, we took a little road trip to meet up with the rug rats and see the Titanic exhibit at Foxwoods. It was pretty cool and in true living history fashion, we each got an identity. All of us died except for J and QuickQuestion.On our way to the exhibit, J & I stopped to bag the Rhode Island peak. At 812 feet, we needed oxygen tanks and crampons. Kidding of course. Once again, the hardest part was finding the parking area for the high peak, not climbing it. But we have goals people, goals.This week flew by, mostly because there were lots of meetings, soccer and bike-riding (for Bike to Work Week–did you bike????). Oh, and can’t forget the 2 Carbon Leaf concerts!!! One was last night (rescheduled from the winter) and one is tonight. Shows #5 and 6 for us. Definitely a groupie. J made a special request to Barry for his favorite song, Blue Ridge Laughing, so we’ll see if he comes through tonight.

Tomorrow we head to NJ for approximately 24 hours. May see some family, but more importantly, I am getting to cross something off my bucket list. “Attend an Indian wedding.” Have I told you all I am obsessed with the Indian culture?? This along with my obsessions with the Holocaust, the Titanic and unicorns. Okay, I made up the unicorns part. And I can’t really claim as much of an obsession with the Indian culture because what I know about it could fit into a fortune cookie. But I do love the dance! And the clothing! And the elephants! So boo-ya I can’t wait.

When we return, we have visitors coming. In masses. 10 people in 10 days. Some people by themselves, some people at all once. We heart visitors, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s making me hyperventilate a little bit. Help me Julia Child! Or Martha Stewart! Or Rhonda!

2 responses to “TGIF”

  1. bdonin says:

    J and I used to visit a lot of high places too! Its good times. Enjoy!

  2. Shayna says:

    You'd be so proud! We're renting an SUV for a day so we can go on a dirt road to visit the remote site of the Oatman Massacre near Gila Bend:

    A good dose of Arizona culture that might help with my work book programs! I'll take lots of pics for you!

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