Good news!

Good news!

My dad came out of surgery and is a-okay! I didn’t get to talk to him yet and I only talked to my mom briefly, but all went well so thanks for any good thoughts you sent our way.

To lighten the mood, here is a picture of a “sit off” between Mr. McKinley and Baby M from last week. Baby M won. All he had to do was squeal (which sounds akin to a pig being gutted alive) and Mr. McKinley went running into the distance.Isn’t Baby M delicious? I still can’t believe Roid helped produce him.

In other good news, I received a surprise from theAccountant today. She and Holden Caulfield got married this weekend! They eloped and didn’t tell anyone! Hallmark4ever and I dreamed of being bridesmaids in their wedding for the last 13 years (they were together THAT long), but I am so happy they did it their way. They have been through some BIG stuff together and this is a great way to put it all behind them! Congrats!!!

In other news, the post office guy needs glasses, like ASAP. I went in there today and for the second time, he asked me to read something small. I can always read it no problem and he is amazed. In any case, I was thinking about that as a job possibility. Contract out my surgery-enhanced eyes?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What is it with babies and that darn cat of yours? We have the same pictures, just with a different baby in a different house! I don't get the infatuation! Especially with that furball!

  2. plavigne says:

    I do love that picture of Sarah and McKinley at the door in Danville. And please do not downplay the awesomeness of Mr. McKinley. He rocks and you know it! I know you love him deep down … If anything were to happen to us, we have you in our will as his caretaker.

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