Week 4 of Unemployment: Profiling

Week 4 of Unemployment: Profiling

I had another unemployment workshop to attend on Wednesday. This time there were 25 of us. Great. The numbers are increasing. But this was a special workshop. It was for the people identified as “likely to be unemployed for an extended period of time.” Thanks. Just kick me while I am down! And frankly, I would have thought any unemployed person is difficult to employ these days.

But I’m plugging along. Back in the day, I used to teach a class about job searching (to inmates and low-income/homeless folks … who were in many cases truly unemployable). I told the “students” that looking for a job was a full-time job in itself. I would have to agree with myself. It can be more time consuming than actually having a job.

I search for jobs a little each day. There are plenty of places to look for jobs. The problem is, the jobs are not there. The other extremely helpful part has been networking. I think I have pretty much contacted every single person I’ve ever known. And this all WITHOUT the help of Facebook, although I do love LinkedIn.

When not job searching, I am staying remarkably busy for someone with no real job. For example, on Tuesdays, I’ve been going to a scrapbooking group at Scrappin Soul Sisters in Concord.

I also clean a lot. I am slowly becoming the valedictorian of homemakers. Okay, not really. But, we have more visitors coming this weekend and so you can’t really let the house go and avoid doing laundry. BTW, these people are not really coming to visit us. I haven’t decided whether or not I will blog about their stay, but basically they are here in NH and we are just “hosting” them.

Lastly, I am still volunteer of the year for J’s recreation duties. He has a GINORMOUS event for Independence Day Sunday, so I have been his shadow. We will begin setting up tomorrow and will not stop moving until sundown on Saturday. Sunday will be a blur. Then the cleanup begins. It’s a good thing I’m unemployed, yo.

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