Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Last year for J’s big 4th of July event, it rained. This year, it was 90 hundred thousand degrees. No happy medium Mother Nature?

But still, we survived. And it was a big success!

We had a root beer chugging contest:And a pie-eating contest:And a kiddie parade (which is my responsibility in the morning as volunteer of the year):And much, much more. Including ice cream. Oh wait, it melted all away. Maybe next year.

We also had those classified house guests I mentioned, all while the madness of J’s event was going on. The short story on their visit is that he is a former professor of mine. I learned a lot from this guy in the classroom and my team ended up getting an A on our senior seminar project, which was extremely difficult. Also, this guy is a good person to have on your side, trust me. Anyways, he is going around the country with his wife making a documentary. I—with J’s permission of course—opened our home to them for their travels. And they thought J’s event would be a good addition to their documentary (note to self: never invite people at a time when you are running ragged … and it’s 90 hundred thousand degrees). Did I mention it’s 90 hundred thousand degrees? I feel like I’m in Danville or Phoenix, for that matter. Geez oh man. Stay tuned for Week 5 of Unemployment, if I don’t melt.

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