Merrimack Part II

Merrimack Part II

We didn’t stay inside on Sunday either, despite the continued heatwave. We returned to the Merrimack River, even though we read a recent article that said it is considered polluted, but still better than it was 30 years ago. We see people swimming in the river all the time, so we figured if they could survive, our kayaks would.

Anyways, we kayaked the 6.4-mile section of the Merrimack from Franklin to Boscawen, just north of the section we kayaked last week. Someone had recommended it saying if we wanted to experiment a little with rapids, this would be the section to do it.

There was definitely some Class I-II excitement in at least 5 sections. In fact, the first 3.5 miles were so fast-moving that we hardly had to paddle and could just float when we weren’t in the rapids. Then there were sections that were so shallow that we got stuck and had to get out and walk our boats!!

I let J take the lead when it came to the rapids and rocks. He has definitely had more whitewater experience than I have had. Last time I tried to whitewater kayak, it didn’t really end well. I nearly lost the rented kayak and I did lose a shoe. Anyways, we enjoyed the day out on the river. I have to give myself some props. Not only did I navigate the rocks and rapids pretty well, but I did it in a 17-foot boat! My normal boat is only 13 feet. We have this yellow 17-footer that we inherited/bought and we are getting ready to sell it (no need for 3 kayaks!), so we figured we’d take it for one more ride. It has all the bells and whistles, like a rudder that helps you steer. It’s nice, but I do love my boat more.

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