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Weeks 11 and 12 of Unemployment/Self-employment: Deadlines

I am a deadline-oriented person. I actually love deadlines and thrive on them, which is a good thing because deadlines play a huge role in my field. Lately, I’ve had more »

Family Reunion

This weekend was a big ‘ol family reunion of sorts. Mostly with J’s sisters and significant others coming to New England and wreaking havoc. J’s sisters (SILAdventure & SILMeow) live more »

Just a 200-mile jaunt in the woods

It is going to be very hard for me to describe our volunteer experience this weekend at the Untamed New England Adventure Race. Adventure racing itself is hard enough to more »

Week 10 of Unemployment: Volunteering Again

I have another volunteering gig from tomorrow through Sunday. This one is quite unique and I think it’s going to be intense. I’m volunteering on the course of the Untamed more »


He is a triathlete, hear him roar. I asked J to blog about his triathlon today, but he said I could. How am I supposed to convey the experience of more »

Week 9 of Unemployment: Internal Struggle

This was a Very Hard week (with a capital V and H). I started some new contract work and went through daily panic, anxiety and heart attacks. But no snack more »

Our own little Farmer’s Market

ShortShorts has been very giving with the vegetables this summer! And we picked up some fresh garlic from another gardener we know. It’s the best birth control yet. more »

I can’t wait for this triathlon to be over …

And I’m not even doing it!!! This training schedule has me very tired, very tired. Today, we drove up to the triathlon site and completed the bike and run. No more »