Week 10 of Unemployment: Volunteering Again

Week 10 of Unemployment: Volunteering Again

I have another volunteering gig from tomorrow through Sunday. This one is quite unique and I think it’s going to be intense. I’m volunteering on the course of the Untamed New England Adventure Race. But this is not just standing at a water station at the halfway mark. This race involves 170 miles of paddling, biking, trekking, rock climbing and more during the course of 3 days! I wrote about the race in New Hampshire ToDo, which is why I decided to volunteer. I’m so excited, but nervous (of course I am. When am I not nervous about something these days?). I’ll be camping in the wilderness at one of the checkpoints. Thankfully, J will be joining me for the weekend, so I won’t be lonely for too long.

So it’s off to the wilderness for me, where I will have NO Internet and NO phone. Holy cow!

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  1. misti says:

    Now I can catch up on your blog! Sorry that the unemployment has been so hard! I hope it isn't too long for us to find jobs.

    When do you leave for the LT?

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