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Weeks 17 and 18 of Unemployment

John Muir said, “The mountains are calling and I must go.” We agree. So we are going. Today we leave to hike southbound on The Long Trail in Vermont. It’s more »

Just a basic Sunday

I’m not sure what to call it … a triathlon … a mini-adventure race … all I know is on Sunday, J & I did 22 miles of activity consecutively more »

My first earthquake!!!!

So last night at about 11:30 pm, I was on the phone with my mom and I felt the house shake and heard a loud boom. J thought it was more »

Week 16 of Unemployment

What a boring week … no work and I did not find too many places to apply. Ho hum. I did hear back from one place. A medical editing contract more »

Enjoying the last of the summer

My favorite season of fall is definitely in the air, but we’ve had such an awesome summer in terms of weather (even too hot at times), it’s hard to say more »

Week 15 of Unemployment/Self-Employment

I am no longer a contract graphic designer. I sent the auto repair magazine to print for the last time today. It feels good. I will miss the steady paycheck more »

How I spend my (our) money

I saw this on another blog awhile ago and I thought it was an interesting post. Especially since I am quite the frugal lady (with an even more frugal husband) more »

Week 14 of Unemployment/Self-Employment

I didn’t have any work to do this week. No magazine layout (that’s next week). No magazine articles. My article in the local newspaper came out, but I did the more »

To NJ and back again

Well, there was not ANY traffic this past Labor Day weekend on our drive to Jersey. Which forces me to ask, where all the people at??? But, no traffic=happy road more »

Week 13 of Unemployment/Self-Employment

I survived my 3rd issue of the auto magazine!!! It IS getting easier, but it’s still extremely stressful and I officially decided Oct. 1 will be my last issue. I more »

Battle of the Free Lodging

Last week, J & I stayed in a Bed & Breakfast for free (my magazine assignment) and an AMC hut for free (J won this prize at a rec director more »