To NJ and back again

To NJ and back again

Well, there was not ANY traffic this past Labor Day weekend on our drive to Jersey. Which forces me to ask, where all the people at??? But, no traffic=happy road trippers.

The purpose of the trip … you guessed it. A concert. It looks like J’s all-time favorite band, From Good Homes, is semi-back together after more than 10 years of not playing together. Just a few shows per year. Phew! Because if they were completely back together, that may be grounds for divorce. Anyways, I think the next one is around Christmas time.So I tagged along to NJ to see friends and family (and did not attend the concert). No Accountant and Hallmark4Ever this time, but I did spend some QT with theMentor. I babysat all her kids and her youngest just got his license last week. I think that makes me officially old.

On the way home, we stopped to visit the rugrats in CT. We flew kites, ate ice cream and camped in the backyard (CurlyLocks ended up bailing on camping though). On Monday, we attended their town’s Labor Day parade. I have been to small town parades before and mistakenly thought it would be an hour at most. Not this parade on steroids. It was more than 2 hours!!! But a really good one nonetheless.
And in other news, I am no longer the only published writer in the house. J signed up to write concert reviews and post videos to His first one appears here. He did the article all on his own and I gave it a brief edit, but it actually came out pretty good. Music is his passion, can’t you tell? Do you think he should quit his day job?

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