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4 Years!

Today is our anniversary … and of course we are not together! J is in Minneapolis (for work) and I am in NJ. Makes me laugh that we’ve spent more more »

The Big Apple

Three guesses where I was today? My sister and I met up in NYC on this rainy, yet humid, fall day. Growing up a stone’s throw from the city still more »

High School Friends

J had a very different experience in high school than I did. It’s no wonder since he went to an all boys’ school. I can’t even imagine what my experience more »

Week 20 of Unemployment

It’s a little depressing to think I’ve been unemployed for 20 weeks. I’m just about halfway through my maximum unemployment benefits, so I’ve started thinking about my game plan post-UE. more »

Week 19 of Unemployment

I wasn’t really unemployed this week … My old company hired me as a freelancer to cover a conference. Working is good for the soul … or maybe just the more »

The ABCs of The Rugged, Wet, VerMUD, I mean VerMONT, Long Trail

I really wanted to be brief. I did. But it’s just not me. You should know that by now. So you can skim or skip this entry. Totally up to more »

We are home safe!

First of all, thank you Quick Question for updating the blog while we were on our “vacation.” I think she had too much fun doing so, wouldn’t you say? Overall, more »

“It’s kicking our butts!”

Hi all! This blog entry is written by P’s sister, Quick Question. She asked me to update her blog for her while she has a momentary lapse of sanity, er, more »