Week 20 of Unemployment

Week 20 of Unemployment

It’s a little depressing to think I’ve been unemployed for 20 weeks. I’m just about halfway through my maximum unemployment benefits, so I’ve started thinking about my game plan post-UE. Right now, I apply for most jobs I see, which are still few and far between. Many times, though, it pays more (literally) to collect UE benefits than to try for an actual job. I’m all for taking a pay cut and I clearly WANT to work, but I do not accept pennies. And I kid you not, there are writing jobs out there that pay pennies.

However, once UE benefits run out, I may have no choice. I did hear our local HALLMARK was hiring. Use of caps is my attempt to convey my excitement. I’m a little fond of Hallmark. It was my first job. I kept it for 6 years (alongside theAccountant and Hallmark4Ever). I still flip over cards I receive to see if they are from Hallmark. Because if you don’t get me a Hallmark card, you don’t really love me. One time, theAccountant got me a non-Hallmark card and we had a lengthy discussion as to why she would turn on Hallmark. Not that I’m being dramatic or anything. But, Hallmark=love.

Anyways, I don’t even know if the NH-based Hallmark would hire me, but it’s a possibility I am keeping on my radar for post-UE times.

Onto happier things. MamaFashion was in town this week! She had an interview in the Boston area (fingers and toes crossed), so she came for one night. We fit in some walking amongst the beautiful fall colors, a nice dinner & breakfast at home, including cupcakes for J’s belated bday, and SCRABBLE (I love Scrabble almost as much as HALLMARK). Of course, J still beat both of us—the 2 writers in the family—in Scrabble. Just proves again that you don’t need to know how to spell to win, you just need to have the right strategy.

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  1. Misti says:

    That is so funny! I worked at Hallmark in high school! It wasn't my first job, but I did have a lot of fun and yes, I too straighten cards.

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