Week 21 of Unemployment

Week 21 of Unemployment

So … obviously I was out and about for week 21. I was in CT, NJ, NY & PA. Even with all the fun I was having (more photos and stories about my travels will follow), I applied for jobs! I promise!

J, meanwhile, was in CT, NJ, MN, & VA this week (as well as many other states he passed through). One of his famous Rec Director conferences took place in Minneapolis. He came home with viking helmets. If anyone can tell me how this fits in with recreation, please do. I’m intrigued, yet worried.

Then, there was a concert in VA with UncleSlickG. Actually, there was also a concert while he was in Minneapolis. Are you surprised?

Tomorrow, we head back to NH. In October, I have spent a total of 10 days in NH. The Mister is not a happy cat.

2 responses to “Week 21 of Unemployment”

  1. Shayna says:

    Mr. M looks like he's gaining weight. Probably eating all the time bc he's bored and depressed that you're not there with him! Glad you're both having lots of fun though!

  2. Shayna says:

    Love the yawn…he's so adorable! I still tell people, I'm not really a cat person unless the cat acts like a dog, like Mr. M.
    I'll try calling you tomorrow.

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