College Friends

College Friends

While I was on my unemployment “vacation” last week in NJ, I took a weekend road trip down to Philly, which is where most of my college friends reside. I keep in touch (this term used loosely) with more college friends than high school friends, so I like that I can kill essentially 4 “birds with one stone” when I go to Philly.

Friday was dedicated to my former Crown (college newspaper) crownies. I spent the day at RedJeepTrvlr’s house with her little (now 4 years old! geez!) boy. Might I add that he still naps. Am I the only one who finds that amazing?

Later in the evening, we met up with theChief for a GNO. We dined at Seasons52. It’s a chain, which I never heard of, and all the dishes are seasonally inspired and under 475 calories. I give it 2 thumbs up!Saturday, Chile, Charlotte and I hung out in Skippack, a cute town with a funny name (I am easily amused these days). After lunch, we did an impromptu wine tasting. Charlotte claimed she was drunk after one 1-ounce cup. Some things don’t change from college.

Saturday night, Chile and her husband (theChilean) hosted a little Chilean party. It was a nice cool fall night, so we hung out outside around the bonfire. We ate homemade empanadas and theChilean’s friend brought a projector and we watched a documentary about the Chilean miners on the wall of their house, followed by lots of Toy Story previews (to keep Chile’s son happy). There was probably more Spanish spoken that night than English, which is fine because I realized I can still understand most of it. Hmmm … maybe that should go back on my resume.

Note to Charlotte:
Out of the 17 pictures we took together, your eyes were closed in every single one!

All in all, my “vacation” was fab. I saw family, high school friends, college friends and those in-between. Here are some of my pix from visit with ItalianSis, who is now supermom to twin boys!!

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  1. Shayna says:

    Geez, if I knew unemployment would be this fun, maybe I should try it! J/K!

  2. So many comments, but I just have to say that is a great picture of us!

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