Week 22 of Unemployment

Week 22 of Unemployment

Job searching is tiring … at least Mr. McKinley thinks so.

In all honesty, this was a good week. It seems like there have been more and more job openings in my field and even locally. Before you break open a bottle of champagne on my behalf, remember that most of these are contract jobs. Which means that I am applying against approximately 500,000 other hungry writers in this world. But I still have a shot, right??? Truth be told, I am getting a little sick of trying to make my cover letter stand out. Any advice?

Another new development this week, we now have to report weekly work search records when we file for unemployment in NH. I remember J had to do that all the time when he was unemployed in VA. Guess I got off easy the first few months here.

Lastly, my toenail finally fell off. Oh, is that TMI? Hey, at least I didn’t take a picture. My feet have yet to heal from our epic hike last month. I am seriously considering getting a pedicure and for those who know me, you know they must be bad for me to say that. I’m just a little embarrassed of my bare feet right now …

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Go for the hot pink resume paper- that will stand out and OMG… I cannot believe that you are going to get a pedi- wish I was too! Bring your MIL- she will be so proud of you! Thanks for passing on the toe pix too!

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