Weekend on a Budget

Weekend on a Budget

With cash flow still on the low side, J & I still try to fill our weekend with fun, free stuff. This weekend was no exception.

First, on Friday, I went hiking during the day. Because I’m unemployed and I can. J didn’t go with me, because he works to make us a dollar. I hiked up Pat’s Peak, a popular local ski spot, with my friend theScrapper (my rant months ago about not having friends in the New England area has definitely changed). The weather is riding the fine line between winter and fall. No snow yet, unlike the West coast, just flurries.Friday night, J hosted a free ballroom dance for his town. J didn’t know what to expect for attendance, but was pleasantly surprised with about 30 people, both young and old. And we had fun hitting the dance floor once again … We thought we would be really rusty, since we haven’t taken lessons in months, but we found dancing is like riding a bike. Maybe we’ll start going to the studio again! (Please note, that is not me dancing with J in the picture below. I could see how you might be confused.)
Saturday, we futzed around Concord. Went to the gym and did our once-per-month grocery shopping, which doubled as a secret shopping gig for me. So we actually got paid to shop … We also strongly resisted the urge to eat dinner out that night. Budget people, budget!!! Plus, we just went grocery shopping and had no excuse.

The other thing we did in Concord involved me winning yet another local contest. I won tickets to the S.N.O.B., or Somewhat North of Boston, Film Festival. So during the course of the day and night, we watched 9 short flicks. They ranged from awesome to questionable. Dark Scribbles and Missile Crisis tied as my favorites, while J dug South Pole the most (I, on the other hand, thought it was a little disturbing).

And now, we are off to a bed & breakfast for the night. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am writing another article for that NH magazine, which involves the perk of me staying at a B&B.

So, with the exception of gas, we managed to do a lot this weekend on a very low budget!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What kinda shoes is brother wearing!?

  2. plavigne says:

    Dance shoes of course! He has a special kind for ballroom dancing … I know how dorky that makes him!

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