Dia de Turducken

Dia de Turducken

We spent the day (weekend) of Thanks with J’s family, including his grandma, who flew in from Cali, and SILMeow & Napolean Dynamite, who flew in from Chi-town.
Lots of highlights to mention . . .
I consumed approximately 29,635 calories this weekend. And didn’t exercise one bit.I succeeded at making 2 pies. I think I’m getting better at baking. This is a world of difference from 5 years ago when I made apple crisp and forgot to add the sugar.

J got to watch football all day long on TDay. Even the night game on the NFL network (Go Jets!).J & I got up at 6:30am on Black Friday because there was an REI down the road and they were giving out $20 gift cards to the first 150 customers. We promptly spent the $40 on ourselves. Is that selfish?

We stayed up pretty much every night way too late with SILMeow & Napolean Dynamite (a few of the nights, Grandma even hung in there with us!). We chatted, played Apples to Apples (first time & very fun!) and watched The Legend of Billie Jean. Napolean Dynamite had never seen it before (what a crime) … maybe it’s because it came out when he was 3!

We did oyster shooters as a family at a classy seafood restaurant on Friday night. But we couldn’t convince Grandma to join us. Next time. Next time.

On Saturday, we cooked a turducken. What’s a turducken? Glad you asked! It’s a chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey. Or it’s supposed to be. What we found out when cooked that it’s pretty much just a turkey, with chicken stuffed in there and some duck. But still very tasty! Especially when you get a bite of all 3! Overall, it was a unique experience to have.The turducken gives you bad gas. Or at least it gave me some bad gas. I cleared a room. In front of my in-laws. So awesome.

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  1. Shayna says:

    Patrice…you're telling everyone about your bad gas?! Turducken sounds gross to me…too much meat.

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