Week 26 of Unemployment

Week 26 of Unemployment

Sad news for the millions of unemployed adults out there. Congress failed to pass the federal unemployment extension of benefits. So 26 weeks of benefits is the definite max for now. Gone are the days when people could collect unemployment for a year or even longer. Many are losing their benefits this week, 3 weeks before Christmas. I really feel for those people.

I did my own math (which is not my forte!), and my benefits should carry me through Feb. 18. If I hadn’t been doing contract work here and there, my benefits would have run out next week.

In the last few weeks, I was on a high because I had lots of magazine projects in the works, assignments from my old company and other coals in the fire. I even had an informal phone interview for a local technical writer position.

This week, it’s a big 180. I only found 1 applicable job opening. Everything slows down during the holidays. And my motivation is low when it comes to job searching and networking. I’m still having a great time in unemployment, but it’s almost like I’m filling my days with fun stuff and avoiding reality.

I’m going to a meeting tonight with my fellow medical writers and I’m hoping to get pumped up again. I’m also still hopeful I’ll get more contract work between now and February, and thereafter. Or maybe, just maybe, Congress will revisit the extension! In fact, all I want for Christmas is … a job for me.

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